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The Value of an Independent Insurance Agent

Jan 24, 2018

By wbourland

Hispanic couple talking to their Agent, who is of African descent, about their insurance optionsMore and more people are using the internet to research and purchase goods and services, often bypassing contact with other human beings in the process.

While life and health insurance can be procured online, it should not be considered a “one size fits all” solution, as no two people or families are the same. Keep in mind this is a purchase that will affect you in the years – even decades – to come.

AmeriLife teams with dozens of insurance carriers to make their products available to consumers, via independent agents who live and work in communities throughout the U.S. They can offer many more life and health coverage options than agents who are limited to selling the proprietary insurance lines of the companies employing them.

Here are three reasons you should consider working with an independent agent based on the value they bring.

  1. Compassion

The ultimate goal of AmeriLife agents is to help individuals and families live happier and healthier lives.

They do not accomplish this by treating people like assets. They do it by providing highly personalized service, assisting their clients with a wide variety of life and health insurance coverage options to meet their current and future needs.

Agents help people like you prepare for unexpected twists and turns along the road of life, whether they are just starting out, approaching the end of their working years, or already in retirement.

  1. Experience

With nearly 50 years in the marketplace, AmeriLife has long-standing partnerships with many of the insurance industry’s most-respected insurance companies. Those relationships allow the company to offer significant value to our customers.

With one of the largest distribution networks in the country, AmeriLife is able to respond to consumers based on their buying preferences and provide a variety of retirement solutions from approximately 70 distinguished carrier partners.

What’s more, AmeriLife contracts with skilled agents who work from over 45 offices across the country – and growing. Find an agent near you.

  1. Integrity

One of the reasons insurance exists is to protect individuals and families in the event of unlikely or untimely life and health crises.
Our agents listen to you and can offer a valued recommendation based on your needs and desired outcomes. They sell insurance because they are all too familiar with how not having it can devastate a family.

Agents have seen too many people die without money for loved ones to cover their burial expenses.

They have witnessed surviving spouses forced to sell their homes and set aside plans for their children’s higher education because they could not pay the mortgage or fund college.

They do not want you or anyone you care about to have to go through this.

This is why agents and brokers recommend certain policies. If you or someone you care about finds themselves facing a serious illness or injury or dies unexpectedly, having the right life and health coverage in place can help avert financial loss and maintain the family’s standard of living.

Making a connection

The benefits of using an insurance agent or broker to review the many life and health insurance options available – or to review existing coverage for gaps – cannot be overstated.

AmeriLife agents want you to feel comfortable working with a company you can count on and an agent you can trust.  When an agent arranges an appointment with you, it is to learn your needs and identify options that fit your life’s plans and goals.

Do not lose any more precious time.

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