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Coronavirus Response: Slow Computer Speeds; Managing Your Time During Quarantine

Apr 23, 2020

By 411admin

Updated on 04/23/2020, 2:30 PM EST

Have you noticed that your computer is running slower at home than it does when you’re in the office?

There are three items that could be impacting the performance of your computer while you work remotely: internet speeds, streaming services and gaming systems.

The AmeriLife IT staff can help you determine if you have adequate internet speeds. To work efficiently from home, you need an internet speed of 10MB/1MB. Anything slower can result in a slower server.

However, if you have others at home during the day while you are attempting to work, their watching streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon, YouTube or other services, could impact the performance of your computer.

In addition, gaming systems, such as Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo or computer games, may have adverse effects on your computer’s performance.

Please contact the AmeriLife IT department at if you are having issues and do not have any family members using any of these items at home while you are trying to work. You may be required to increase your internet speeds with your internet service provider for better performance.

Click here for an updated version of the company’s Frequently Asked Questions on the coronavirus.

Managing Your Time During Quarantine

Are your family and friends filling up their quarantining free time with elaborate home improvement projects, learning new languages or cooking gourmet meals?

In comparison, you may find your days in quarantine (when you aren’t working) are filled with never-ending, time-consuming tasks, such as disinfecting surfaces, helping children with school work, cooking multiple meals, cleaning the dishes from those multiple meals, and worrying about the coronavirus.

Do you feel unproductive in your personal time? Well, you’re not alone.

In a BayCare Health coronavirus blog, Dr. Nick Dewan, the chief medical officer at BayCare Behavioral Health, discussed how to manage time while under quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic.

“The last thing you want to do is have a long list of things you want to accomplish and then feel overwhelmed that you have to finish it,” he said. “That could actually make your situation worse. Your newly found time should not be burdensome.”

Want a feeling of accomplishment without the stress of being overwhelmed? Try some of these easier-to-accomplish projects that could actually make you feel a little more relaxed.

  1. Did you make plans to read while sheltering in place but now find you can’t concentrate? Try listening to audiobooks instead, which you can listen to while you’re doing other tasks, such as disinfecting the house or washing the dishes.
  2. Want to do something that challenges your brain, but don’t have the focus to do something as intense as learning a new language? Try a jigsaw puzzle. It works the brain and you might get a break from reality as you concentrate on the puzzle.
  3. Does being inside all day make you realize you have a bunch of home-improvement projects to do? You can spruce up your home with new bedsheets or bathroom towels.
  4. Are you planning elaborate dinners for your family, but end up too tired to cook? Try a pre-cooked meal service that will give you the satisfaction of cooking without the all the efforts that go into shopping and preparation.
  5. Is your free time filling up with “virtual coffee dates” and “virtual happy hours?” Instead, reach out to family and friends on a one-on-one basis to show that you care.

Click here for more ideas to fill your free time while quarantining without becoming overwhelmed.

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