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YourMedicare holds daily and weekly webinars for our YourMedicareSunFire enrollment platform. The number of applications submitted through this tool reflects our daily donations to Feeding America. Each submitted enrollment contributes significantly by providing at least 10 meals to our neighbors.

Recent Updates:

When we started working with Feeding America three years ago, we aimed to feed one million people yearly. As of this week, we have successfully fed 3.5 million hungry Americans and still have over two months left of the year! 4 million, here we come!

Each year we set a goal to submit 100,000 applications through the YourMedicare Enrollment Center. By doing so, we feed 1 million hungry Americans through our partnership with Feeding America. On October 26th that goal was accomplished! Last year our annual total was 136,019 submissions last year, and we’re well on setting a new record! We’ll keep you updated!

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Check Out the Latest Standings for the Charity Miles Challenge!

There are 36 days left to move to make a difference! Note this will be updated on a weekly cadence.


1095.85 Total Miles

$1,874.92 Total Raised


1,172.99 Total Miles

$2,564.39 Total Raised

Career Agency

93.14 Total Miles

$186.78 Total Raised


266.94 Total Miles

$490.44 Total Raised

Life & Health

735.77 Total Miles

$1197.70 Total Raised


Get moving for Good with the Charity Miles Challenge!

How to Join the Charity Miles Challenge

        1. Go to your phone’s app store and download the Charity Miles app
        2. Create an account with your personal email; complete the onboarding questions; connect to your smartphone’s Health Kit or pedometer (turn on all categories); enable your notifications.
        3. Click “Yes, I have a code” and enter X4TP81RD
        4. Follow the rest of the prompts, including uploading your profile photo and selecting your personal charity that’s funded through Charity Miles. Then you’re all set!
          1. Instructions to connect with Strava
          2. Click here for questions
          3. Activities not listed? Click here for instructions on manually entering your activity.
          4. Trouble with the app? Email with “Team SunFire” in the subject line.
        5. LAST & MOST IMPORTANT STEP! Join your specific AmeriLife Team, so all your miles are attributed towards your team! HOW? Once you’ve completed your profile setup and you’re in the app, click on the icon with the 3 people (in between the bullseye and heart icon). Using the search box, type in “AmeriLife” and select either “DTC Team”, “Career Team”, or “L&H Team”. Click “Join Team”.

There’s no need to do anything else. We have set up Charity Miles so your activity counts toward AmeriLife’s donation to Feeding America during AEP.

Already Have the Charity Miles App?

  1. Open the app
  2. Click on the white briefcase in the bottom left corner
  3. Enter the company code X4TP81RD

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