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The Power of a Network: Becoming Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself

Aug 05, 2022

By Mike Vietri, Chief Distribution Officer

In today’s business world, when considering a partnership, it’s important to seek out a group of like-minded people — those with the right culture and personality for your organization. The power of a network can help you gain a different perspective and develop long-lasting relationships.

With a robust network, the unique value proposition that has made your business a success becomes a building block toward a larger, shared goal. We’re a “house of brands” at AmeriLife, meaning you’re able to maintain the freedom and flexibility to do what you do best and hold on to your individual identity while taking advantage of greater reach, scale and the support of a strong team of advocates.

Like Abraham Lincoln’s famous “team of rivals,” all of a sudden, competitors can look to each other as colleagues, rallying around enterprise goals that align with their individual growth objectives to manifest a partnership that brings to bear the true spirit of “Together as One.”

How Competitors Can Prosper as Part of a Team-First Culture

When new markets and products emerge, AmeriLife’s network ensures everyone has access to the same great opportunities. We celebrate wins and work through challenges together. Networking, at its core, is about sharing — ideas, support, best practices and prosperity.

Exposure to leaders across multiple distribution channels gives everyone in the AmeriLife network the ability to learn best practices and implement them through a comprehensive platform.

Communication is key. The AmeriLife platform offers webinars, conference calls, monthly publications and in-person events, like the company’s annual National Kickoff Conference, where our Distribution leaders are given the bonding opportunity to better partner with each other for the long term. Everything comes together when you bring people to a place where they can share ideas, identify market trends and discuss where the industry is going.

Unified by a Common Mission to Fuel Growth & Success

The future is bright in our business, as 10,000 people turn 65 every day in the U.S. Not only are more people aging into the marketplace, but they’re also living longer. This creates the perfect opportunity for our customer base to improve their portfolios, calling our network into action.

The ability to connect to a network of the brightest minds in the business, creating a synergy that best serves the comprehensive needs of the people, can propel your growth to the next level and beyond.

In our line of work, a strong network can allow you to grow with a client through their life cycle. And it can help you build your business without having to move anywhere else to distribute new products or expand into new markets. At AmeriLife, our clients’ needs never outgrow our abilities.

How an AmeriLife-Powered Network Can Serve You

AmeriLife’s family of companies allows leaders to grow their business while respecting brand equity. You remain the backbone of your organization while accessing the fully integrated platform powered by AmeriLife — and that’s a real competitive advantage versus going it alone.

As the leading distribution organization for a large group of top-rated carriers, AmeriLife’s partners have access to each carrier’s unique portfolio. We not only have a network among our distribution, we also have a portfolio of support services with expertise in the areas of technology, marketing, analytics, compliance, HR, product innovation and more.

Our technology and support services are built to strengthen and empower your business. From our analytics platforms to our proprietary digital tools, AmeriLife’s tech offerings are easy to use and drive meaningful client experiences — not replace them.

There’s no limit to your potential with the support of a powerful network — one piloted by mature leaders who know the importance of sharing ideas and really listening to their teams.

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