AmeriLife Aligns Its Marketing And Distribution Functions Under the Direction Of An Insurance Industry Leader

AmeriLife - MikeVietri, Chief Distribution & Marketing Officer
Mike Vietri
Chief Distribution & Marketing Officer

AmeriLife, a national leader in the development, marketing and distribution of annuity, life and health insurance solutions headquartered in Clearwater, Fla., is proud to announce new alignment of its leadership and its Distribution and Marketing functions.

Mike Vietri, who recently led the company’s product development and marketing functions, expanded his role to include product distribution as AmeriLife’s Chief Distribution and Marketing Officer. With a sales and marketing career spanning over 30 years, he successfully led one of the country’s largest career agency and general distribution groups while working for MetLife. In his new role, Vietri will work to align AmeriLife’s marketing, product and distribution functions and provide a cohesive way forward to meet our future distribution and production growth objectives.

Vietri joined AmeriLife in 2016 as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer. In this role, he focused on building AmeriLife’s brand strategy with an emphasis on sustaining growth through the company’s various distribution channels. With a marketing background in organizational development, product development, diversity, sales initiatives, acquisitions and digital marketing, Vietri is well positioned to pave the way for rapid growth in his new leadership capacity.

“This is a logical transition for Mike and an ideal fit based on his years of experience in both marketing and distribution,” said AmeriLife CEO Scott Perry. “With these high-performing groups aligned, AmeriLife is able to operate from a position of strength, navigate the markets, and ultimately add value to the agents and consumers we serve.”

As the former Executive Vice President of The Producers Group and MetLife, Vietri was Executive Vice President of MetLife’s Individual U.S. Distribution business. His focus on individual distribution substantially increased the organization’s productivity and improved Profit and Loss Statement (P&L). His attention to changing demographics in the United States led to an increase of financial services representatives from diverse markets.

Vietri earned his Chartered Life Underwriter designation from The American College, where he now serves on the board of trustees. He is involved in a number of industry associations and has been a main platform speaker at a number of industry conferences.

AmeriLife is a national leader in developing, marketing and distributing annuity, life and health insurance solutions to protect the health and retirement needs of Middle America. Leveraging a national distribution network of over 100,000 insurance agents and brokers via nearly 20 marketing organizations, and close to 30 insurance agency locations, AmeriLife, and its more than 75 insurance carrier partners, offers value and quality to the insurance industry and its customers.

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