Updated on 07/31/2020, 04:05 PM EST

Hurricane Isaias is a dangerous storm and has the potential of impacting our East Coast offices in Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas in the coming days. As the safety of our associates and their families remains our highest priority, we will continue to monitor this storm and communicate updates as needed.

At this time, the AmeriLife Place corporate office and all affiliate and Career office locations remain open (though some associates are operating in a remote set-up in response to the pandemic).

Please note that AmeriLife has three resources for associates to stay updated on operational decisions:

  1. AmeriLife hurricane updates on the home page of the AmeriLife Emergency Preparedness and Response website: http://amerilife.com/411
  2. AmeriLife Hotline at 727-287-0757 or toll-free at 844-212-0476
  3. Contact your supervisor/manager

We also want to make you aware of the following:

  • A decision will be made and communicated to associates by 5 pm on Sunday, August 2 if any of our locations impacted by the storm will be closed on Monday, August 3
  • PTO will be approved for employees to address hurricane-related issues (caring for school-age children, making preparations for or recovering from the storm, evacuating, etc.)
  • Associates are not expected to work if their office location is closed; employees will have time off and will not be charged PTO in the event of an office closure (this time would be treated like a holiday would from a payroll perspective)
  • Employees may borrow – in advance – up to 40 hours of PTO
  • Employees who exceed 40 hours of PTO can take unpaid time off

To associates in potentially impacted areas: be safe, listen to weather reports to be prepared and follow any instructions that emergency officials give you. Please contact your manager with any questions.