Updated on 11/12/2020, 07:00 AM EST

As we continue to monitor ETA and it’s impacts across the state, please note the following:

  • Associates in areas impacted by the storm are strongly encouraged to work remotely if they are able to, or take PTO in order to limit their travel and ensure safety
  • The AmeriLife Corporate Office in Clearwater will be open for normal business hours today for associates unable to work remotely and needing to work in the office
  • Employees working remotely are expected to work normal business hours, assuming no loss of power due to the storm. In the event of a power outage, employees are asked to alert their managers if they are unable to work
  • PTO will be approved for associates unable to report to work or needing to take time off based on any impact of the storm (i.e. storm clean-up, to care for school-aged children, etc.)

Please contact your manager with any questions or concerns.