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Coronavirus Response: Paycheck Review Deadline; AmeriLife Travel Ban Extension; How to Properly Wear a Face Covering

Apr 22, 2020

By 411admin

Updated on 04/22/2020, 2:30 PM EST

Paycheck Review Deadline Today!
If you haven’t already, check your paystub in Workday today to review your hours and report any errors to your manager.

You have until the end of the day today to notify HR about any hours missing or if paystubs require any adjustments.

If needed, the HR Department will issue checks tomorrow and mail them overnight to employees to ensure they receive their full pay on Friday, based on hours worked and PTO.

HR will be unable to process checks after Thursday if managers miss today’s deadline. If missed, any needed adjustments will be reflected on the next payroll, which will be distributed on Friday, May 8.

Please contact as soon as possible with any questions.

AmeriLife Travel Ban
In March, AmeriLife instituted a company travel ban in response to the global coronavirus outbreak.

The travel ban included:

  • All international business travel
  • All domestic, non-essential business travel

As the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing, the company travel ban has been extended through Sunday, May 31. The AmeriLife Business Continuity Planning Team continues to monitor the situation and will assess coronavirus conditions prior to announcing a reinstatement of company travel.

In addition, other policies regarding quarantining after personal travel are still in effect. Click here to find complete details and answers to additional questions in an updated Frequently Asked Questions document, which is also available on

How to Properly Wear a Face Covering
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that, along with social distancing measures, people should wear face coverings when out in public for essential reasons. Unless you have a background in health care, you’ve probably have had little need to wear a face mask.

Click here for face-covering recommendations from the CDC.

Are you wearing your face covering correctly when you go out?

Here are some steps to take for protecting yourself from infection from the coronavirus.

  1. Cover your mouth and nose

Your mouth and nose are the most vulnerable places on your face. Be sure your mask or face covering covers them, with the top comfortably fitting toward the bridge of your nose.

The bottom of your mask should fit snugly on your chin. While your chin doesn’t need to be covered, doing so ensures a good seal around your mouth.

  1. A snug, but comfortable fit

It might take some time getting used to wearing a mask. Your mask should not restrict your ability to breathe.

Your mask should form a protective shield around your face. Small gaps are acceptable, but try to have as few as possible.

  1. Wash your hands before and after wearing a mask

You don’t want to put on your clean mask with dirty hands. Wash your hands for 20 seconds with soap and water or sanitize your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Pick up your mask by the ties when you put it on.

When it’s time to remove your mask, wash or sanitize your hands before loosening the ties or bands. Fold it and store in a paper bag.

And wash your hands once again after storing your mask.

You’ll want to prevent cross-contamination while wearing your mask. Cross-contamination occurs when you touch under your mask. For instance, if you’re in the store and take a box off a shelf, don’t reach to adjust your mask.

And avoid reaching under your mask to itch.

If you need to adjust your mask while you’re wearing it, wash or sanitize your hands before doing so.

If you need to use your cell phone while wearing your mask, use the speaker to avoid touching your phone to your mask.

  1. Cleaning your mask

Cloth masks should be cleaned regularly. You can put your mask in the washing machine with normal detergent.

Dry your mask in a dryer or on a clothesline before putting it back on your face.

After your mask is cleaned, avoid having it touch potentially contaminated surfaces.

Store in a paper bag, as plastic bags, lock in moisture.

Click here for more information about the proper way to wear and launder masks.

Don’t let wearing a mask give you a false sense of security about your chances against the coronavirus. Remember to remain at home except for essential reasons and keep six feet away from others when out in public.

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