Updated on 08/10/2020, 4:50 PM EST

While the country deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, AmeriLife has implemented a policy that all associates at work are required to wear face coverings or masks when they leave their offices, workstations or desks.

We want to make you aware of modifications that have been made to the AmeriLife mask policy regarding plastic face shields and face masks that feature one-way valves or vents.


  • Guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that plastic face shields are not a substitute for face masks.
  • AmeriLife employees who wish to wear a plastic face shield may do so; at the same time, they must also wear an additional face mask underneath their face shields.
  • AmeriLife will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis for situations that fall under Americans with Disabilities Act compliance.


  • The CDC does not recommend wearing masks with one-way valves or vents to control the spread of the coronavirus.
  • Masks with one-way valves or vents can make it easier to breathe; at the same time, these masks release unfiltered air when users breathe out.
  • The unfiltered air can release aerosol droplets that can contain the coronavirus and spread the disease.
  • Employees who wear face masks with one-way valves or vents must also wear a face mask underneath.

Click here to read the CDC’s guidance on plastic face shields and masks with one-way valves or vents.

Thank you for your help in reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19 by adhering to AmeriLife’s face mask policy.

Please continue to remember the 3 Ws to combat the coronavirus:

  • Wear a mask
  • Wash your hands
  • Watch your distance (stay six feet away from others)

Contact HR@AmeriLife.com if you have any questions about the AmeriLife face mask policy.

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