Angling for Younger Agents? Cast Your Line in the Social Media PondThere is no denying it: our industry has an image problem.

Young adults do not pursue careers in our field. Why?

Some believe insurance is boring. Others are turned off by the commission-only pay structure.

In both instances, they do not understand how the business works. Therefore, they cannot visualize the possibilities.

Industry data show the average age of an insurance agent is between 56 and 60. Experts predict many thousands of seasoned producers will retire in the next few years.

To offset these losses, agency managers must recruit new talent.

Babies who entered the world in 1981 – the year the laptop computer was invented – are approaching their 40th birthdays.

Everyone born since then has grown up with the Internet, video games, smart phones and tablets. They are digital natives.

Eager to get recruiting messages in front of this tech-savvy demographic? You must reach out to them where they congregate.

If you are not incorporating social media into your talent acquisition strategy, you are ignoring a source of who knows how many agent candidates.

Fishing on LinkedIn

Are you new to recruiting via social media? A good place to start is LinkedIn, the global network of business professionals.

According to digital marketing agency Omnicore, as of December 2018, LinkedIn had 590 million members.

There are several ways to use the free features on LinkedIn for this purpose. They include:

  • Networking with individuals on the site – former colleagues, current clients and business owners
  • Joining groups of insurance industry professionals and those of others you have identified as possible candidates
  • Becoming active within these groups by asking and answering questions to help get you noticed
  • Posting updates when you have an opening
  • Inviting potential candidates for a position to message you through the platform

Reeling in prospects

Say you are on LinkedIn and come across a likely candidate. You want to know if there is a way to figure out if you have a potential keeper here.

A visit to the candidate’s LinkedIn page can help you decide if you want to explore possibilities with them. The first thing you should do is look at their profile picture.

Is the photo blurry? Can you tell the person had been in a group shot? Is he or she clothed in something most of us would consider inappropriate for work? What if there is no photograph at all?

Let them be the one that got away.

Sizing up the catch

Here are three additional criteria to measure someone’s potential before you speak to them.

  • Does their LinkedIn profile give you a good idea of who they are?
  • Have they accumulated recommendations from coworkers, managers or subordinates?
  • Are they participating in any group discussions relevant to their field?

We are not suggesting you automatically rule someone out over a lack of recommendations or discussions.

On the other hand, if you read their summary and cannot gain any insights regarding their work history or personality, that should be a red flag.

Casting for entrepreneurs

To summarize, recruiting on social media can add another dimension to your talent acquisition strategy.

People in their 20s and 30s have used various forms of technology their entire lives.

This is becoming more and more relevant as digital tools transform the way the insurance industry conducts business.

AmeriLife sales leaders new to recruiting on social media may want to start with LinkedIn. It is the most widely used business platform, with 530 million members.

Dos and don’t’s

Do give your potential agents a complete picture of what it is like to contract with AmeriLife.

Do highlight the freedom to set their own schedule, the income potential and the initial and ongoing training.

Do not sugarcoat or ignore the challenging aspects of the role.

No matter where you search for them, ideal candidates will possess the motivation, work ethic and vision necessary to build and sustain a prosperous insurance practice.


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