Updated on 9/19/2018, 10:00 AM EST

Our Wilmington, NC office remains closed due to the impact of Hurricane Florence, though it has been confirmed that power to the office has been restored and there is no damage that requires attention to reopen.

Although the GM, Branch Sales Leader and Admin for our Wilmington office do plan to be at the office from 9 a.m. until noon tomorrow, September 20th, agents and employees are not required to work and the safety of those in this region remains our priority. Mandatory evacuations due to rivers cresting, local curfew orders and any other instruction from local officials should be followed. Employees of our Wilmington location will be paid for tomorrow (and no PTO will be used) if you are unable to report to work due to local conditions in the aftermath of the storm.

All other NC and SC offices are open. Please contact your Manager with any questions or if you are unable to return to work due to the impacts of the storm. Additional information previously shared is below for your reference, and resources to assist post-storm are available on www.AmeriLife.com/411.

AmeriLife senior leadership wants to reinforce that the safety of our agents, employees and their families is the highest priority in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

For those in the impacted area:
Although directly contacting your Manager should be your first source of information, AmeriLife has three additional resources to help you stay updated on operational decisions:

  1. AmeriLife hurricane updates on the home page of the AmeriLife website www.AmeriLife.com/411
  2. Social media updates regarding closures
    (facebook.com/AmeriLifeCorporate, twitter.com/amerilife, www.linkedin.com/company/amerilife/)
  3. AmeriLife Hotline at 727-287-0757 or toll free at 844-212-0476



Q: The AmeriLife office is open but I don’t have power/my house is damaged/the roads are unsafe/my children’s school remains closed until Monday (or later). Am I required to use my PTO?

A: During this post-hurricane period, the following guidelines apply:

  • PTO will be approved for employees needing to care for school-age children, make arrangements for repairs, return from an evacuation or address any hurricane-related issue.
  • Employees may borrow – in advance – up to 40 hours of PTO.
  • Employees who exceed 40 hours of borrowed PTO can take unpaid time off for hurricane-related activities.
  • As a reminder, employees will be paid (and no PTO will be used) for time off when your office was closed last week (and into this week for our Wilmington employees).
  • Note: GM approval is required by HR for any time-card submissions that don’t reflect clock-in and out.

Q: I had scheduled PTO for the days the office was closed due to the hurricane. Will I be credited for those PTO days?

A: Yes, you will be credited back for the days the company was closed. Managers should make any needed revisions for the next payroll cycle to accurately reflect any modifications based on the impact of the hurricane, and associates will be credited accordingly when the next payroll is processed if necessary. Please contact your manager/supervisor to request any needed updates. If your manager is unable to resolve the issue, please contact HR@AmeriLife.com.

Q: I am able to come to work now, but will need to meet contractors in the future to arrange home repairs stemming from damage caused by the storm. Will my PTO be approved for this reason?

A: Managers will make every effort to approve PTO for employees to address hurricane-related repairs and issues. As a reminder, based on company policy:

  • Employees can borrow up to 40 hours of PTO
  • Employees exceeding 40 hours of borrowed PTO can take unpaid time off