With the first phase of the Department of Labor Fiduciary Rule now in effect, AmeriLife is offering its new financial needs and risk assessment tool, the AmeriLyzerSM, to insurance agents and advisors free of charge until January 1, 2018.

AmeriLife, a national leader in the distribution of annuity, life and health insurance products, has partnered with best-in-class FinTech SaaS providers to develop and customize the AmeriLyzer to meet the unique needs of insurance focused agents and advisors.

The DOL Fiduciary Rule directs agents and advisors to document the reasons for recommending fixed annuities in case of future client questions or potential litigation. AmeriLife’s online, financial needs and risk assessment tool is designed to foster a sales process that is in the client’s best interest. The tool documents an agent’s rationale for potentially recommending fixed annuity sales.

“As a result of these regulatory changes, agents and advisors need to be able to demonstrate and document they are acting in the client’s best interest and maintain a relationship with a financial institution, like AmeriLife Financial AdvisorsSM,” said AmeriLife CEO Scott R. Perry. “The AmeriLyzer will not only help agents and advisors make DOL-compliant sales, but it also facilitates transparency and better manages clients’ expectations.”

The AmeriLyzer enables agents to create customized proposals for clients to assist them in reaching their desired goals and meeting future needs. The system stores and timestamps client proposals to evidence the Impartial Conduct Standards now required under the DOL Fiduciary Rule.

In order for agents and advisors to qualify to use the AmeriLyzer for free through January 1, 2018, they must have at least one relationship with AmeriLife. Those who have already taken advantage of the AmeriLyzer free trial have experienced its benefits.

“We are very proactive. We don’t want to wait to the last minute,” said Whitney & Associates Consultant Matt Anderson. “The AmeriLyzer tool allows our agents to get ahead, using advanced technology to comply with implementation of the DOL Fiduciary Rule.”

To view a demonstration of the AmeriLyzer, visit www.amerilyzer.com or DOLSolutions@AmeriLife.com with product questions.  For the latest information on the DOL Fiduciary Rule, visit www.DOLSolutions.com.