AmeriLife is prepared and ready to give agents and advisors the sales tools needed to be successful in a DOL Fiduciary Rule world. AmeriLife has partnered with best-in-class FinTech SaaS providers to develop and customize a tool featured on to meet the unique needs of our insurance focused agents, brokers and advisors. It’s called the AmeriLyzerSM, an online, financial needs and risk assessment tool designed to help agents make compliant sales that are in the client’s best interest. The tool documents the sales process in case of future questions or potential litigation. is an educational resource to share information regarding the DOL Fiduciary Rule. Visit the site regularly to find out what AmerLife is doing to prepare for DOL applicability and view a demo of the AmeriLyzerSM tool. Go to to learn more.

AmeriLife is a national leader in developing, marketing and distributing annuity, life and health insurance solutions to protect the health and retirement needs of Middle America. Leveraging a national distribution network of over 100,000 insurance agents and brokers via nearly 20 marketing organizations, and close to 30 insurance agency locations, AmeriLife, and its more than 75 insurance carrier partners, offers value and quality to the insurance industry and its customers.

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