Many people say that entrepreneurs are in a club of their own, often posessing qualities that seem to set them apart from those who admire successful business owners and those who become them. Often high-profile figures who “make it big” off of their ideas seem to be shrouded in mystery when it comes to their business decisions and innovations – how is it that they seem to be so proficient at multi-tasking? How did they manage to solve a major problem that has been a pain point for their consumers? What sets them apart from other people that they become household names?

You may actually be surprised to discover that you possess the same qualities that make people like the Koch Brothers and Warren Buffett the business tycoons that they are! So how do you know that you know that you might belong to that club? Continue reading below to find out…

1. A regular 9-5 salaried job just doesn’t do it for you

Do you dread having to jump into your work week routine every Sunday night? Are the fluorescent lights and the open plan of your office incongruous to how you really like to work?

If you’re easily bored sitting at a desk and would rather be on the move, you’ll find that you’re like many entrepreneurs these days. It’s becoming more and more common to see entrepreneurs working in non-cannonical settings – the most popular of which seem to be working at home, or on the go. As an entrepreneur, you’re often at an advantage to be able to make your own schedule. Being able to have work-life balance is a struggle for everyone, so you can bet that having the option to work when it’s best for you can help you achieve what you’re after without the confines of an employer’s rules.

2. You’re brimming with ideas

It takes imagination and an open mind to be able to sell what you’d like your potential customers to buy, so if you’re constantly brainstorming, troubleshooting, and strategizing, you’re going in the right direction! If you find yourself spearheading initatives when contributing in meetings or sitting down with your colleagues daily to help them with their problems, you’re already one step closer to being an entrepreneur. If you’re constantly sifting through different ideas you’d like to bring to fruition, you’ll find that this is a quality you should always nurture. Being able to think on your feet with solutions in hand will not only enable you to recover quickly from setbacks, it’ll also make you a valuable asset to your team, and position you to be a leader.

3. Perserverance is your middle name

Are you able to keep going no matter what life throws your way? Do you often pick yourself up and dust yourself off after you’re knocked down? When challenges arise, do you roll up your sleeves instead of rolling over?

If you can stomach failure and disappointment with a renewed persistence to adjust your sails, you’ve won half the battle in entrepreneurship without even being a business owner! Many startups and small businesses fail, but those who succeed have likely weathered their fair share of setbacks that aren’t immediately visible on the surface.

You’ll be discouraged from time to time and may even feel like giving up on a rare occasion, but being able to hit the ground running regardless of what may try to foil your attempts to succeed is an important quality if you want to reach your ultimate goal.

4. You’re able to bring people together

Do you have the tendency to attract people to your energy? When you’re in social gatherings, do your friends and family gravitate to you for social interation and introductions? Are you often the life of the party?

Not every entrepreneur is a social butterfly, but the ability to network, entertain, and include a network of people that will support your ventures and act as your evangelists could significantly propel your efforts towards success! When you’re getting your business off of the ground, having as much support as possible is important to maintaining morale when you need to rely upon your available resources.

Also, being able to assemble a team of individuals who “click” and can work together to accomplish your shared goals is another important ability that you can bet will come into play. If you find yourself spearheading efforts to organize teams and get everyone on the same page, you’ve yet another very useful tool in your arsenal that will prove valuable as an entrepreneur.

5. Planning is something you do well

Does it make you happy to be able to organize events? Are you known for your attention to detail? Entrepreneurs have to have it all together when it comes time to put their business into action, so having a formulated strategy for how you’ll execute your systems and processes is important to making sure that your business and its practices are viable. Entering into the business world without any idea as to how you’ll make things happen, or what you can anticipate can spell disaster and an early moratorium on your venture.

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