Veteran Agent/Executive Elevated to Lead Expansion

Lee Jay Hart, who climbed the corporate ladder from sales agent to lead AmeriLife’s Career Agency’s sales division, was promoted to President of Career Agencies, governing all functions of AmeriLife’s Career Agency operation.

Hart will lead the life and health insurance sales component of AmeriLife’ career distribution operation, which has hundreds of sales agents working from 37 offices in eight states, primarily in the southeast.

The announcement was made by AmeriLife’s CEO Timothy North, himself a one-time AmeriLife sales agent who eventually became an owner and leader of the nation’s premier life and health insurance marketing organization.

AmeriLife® is headquartered in Clearwater, FL.

“AmeriLife has always operated as a meritocracy, and nearly every manager was promoted from within,” said North. “In Lee Jay Hart we have the epitome of a prudent director with the experience of a successful manager, and the heart of a shrewd sales agent. He’s the right man to drive our organization’s expansion.”

Hart, 47, became a life insurance sales agent 15 years ago, and soon was named as the General Manager of his local office. He quickly built his Winter Haven AmeriLife & Health Services sales office into an unrivaled powerhouse within the company.

Hart – now working from Clearwater’s AmeriLife Place corporate headquarters – was named AmeriLife & Health Service’s General Manager of the Year seven consecutive years. His sales success and leadership acumen led to his appointment, earlier this year, as President of the Career Agency’s sales division.

Hart said his primary aim is to expand the size and productivity of the Career Agency division, which offers competitively affordable insurance products – largely aimed at the nation’s senior market – provided by more than 30 national carriers.

“We’ve recently opened offices in Texas and Arizona,” Hart said, “and I intend to one day have AmeriLife offices from California to the Carolinas.”

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